Recently Featured at the Grow Gallery: Noelle Scott

November 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Through a combination of acrylic paint and ink Noelle Scott attempts to capture the different stages of a woman’s life.

In her first full show, Scott sits on a couch near the entrance of “The Grow Gallery” and watches people enter and leave as they quietly comment on her work. Art has been an interest and passion for Noelle since childhood, but she’s quick to tell you she is not formally trained in the subject. Doing most of her work while watching movies, she notes that the average piece takes her about three hours. An online student at Washington State University, Noelle is currently looking to streamline this creativity into a degree in art therapy.

Each piece is based off a specific photograph, and while the majority of her subjects are strangers she found in online stock galleries, a few of the photos are from her real life. In her piece, “ The Haircut”, Scott says she connected to the menacing look in her subject’s eyes. Stating that the photograph itself is of a friend whose recent life experiences motivated her to cut all her hair off.

This focus on the story behind the photograph is a re-occurring theme in Scott’s work. Her favorite piece, “ Ghost in Me”, not only has a story behind the image, but behind the creation of the piece itself. Initially the piece was simply a painting of the girl featured in painting, but Scott decided to paint over it and recreate the image with her signature combination of ink and paint. She finds the image to have personal meaning, representing “ feeling alone” and “despair”. Taking an image and telling a story with the emotion is a primary driving force behind her pieces stating her goal is to create an image that explores “ how I feel like you would look” in a particular emotion.

Noelle will have her work featured at the “Pilgrimage” Show, which runs from the 6th-29th of November at the 100th Monkey Studio on 110 SE 16th Ave. You can also learn more about Noelle’s art, and future shows at

(review by volunteer, Emily Hemson)


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