RED ROVER + Susannah Kelly + Neil M. Perry = Sept Last Thursday Installation Extraordinaire!

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Stilted Ambitions from our fave dynamic duo

About the artists:

Susannah Kelly and Neil M. Perry are an artistic duo currently practicing in Portland, Oregon. They have collaborated on murals, paintings, and now installations. This is the first 3D exhibit the pair has constructed and, although the process was not without difficulty, both artists feel they have learned a lot about their own skills and their working relationship. They hope we enjoy the installation. We know we will – and we’ll surely keep an eye out for their future collaborations around Stumptown.

About the installation:

Expectations about modern lifestyles are strongly ingrained but weakly supported. Even though we live in a world experiencing the repercussions of overwhelming debt and financial decay, notions of success have not shifted. What was once attainable is now beyond most people and the many are made to feel inadequate, due to the failings of the few. Owning a family home is the quintessential symbol of contemporary success, and we are made to want it, even if it is unsupportable. Living beyond one’s means has become the norm, and people struggle to support the tenuous systems they were made to believe were sustainable. Rather than return to building our lives on stronger foundations of a more realistic lifestyle we seem content to use taller, less sturdy stilts which are ever more likely to collapse.


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