Current Board Members

Eve Connell   President

Eve’s work with our board has spanned newsletter creation, grants writing and oversight, Art Hop involvement, and now, presidential duties including coordination on special events and projects with the Alberta Main Street organization. This native Californian relocated to the Concordia neighborhood seven+ years ago only to immediately consider Portland home. Aside from Art on Alberta commitments, Eve wears various professional hats that help her masquerade as writer, editor, educator, flower arranger, and singer (to name just a few).

Ali Benson   Public Relations Coordinator

Ali jumped head first into the Portland art scene shortly after moving here in January 2011. A Southern California native, she immediately fell in love with this rain-drenched and quirky town. Ali graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Art History from the University of California Santa Barbara, and developed a soft spot for Edo Period Japanese woodblock prints after working as a Curatorial Assistant for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. In her free time, Ali is an aspiring cat lady with a penchant for used books, extended periods of dance-cooking, and solitary road trips.

Lindsay Burnette  Secretary

Lindsay is a recent graduate from Lewis and Clark College, currently working at Portland’s most wonderful Japanese Gardens fully equipped with her BA in East Asian Studies and Art History. After moving from Colorado to Oregon in 2008, she fell in love with the creative and forward-thinking city of Portland. She is passionate about bringing communities and neighborhoods together through various forms of art and design. Lindsay is continually struggling to master the Japanese language and aims to one day work with the art and world heritage community in Eastern Asia.  Aside from her fine artistic flair and love of urban community gardens and guerrilla gardening efforts, Lindsey keeps us all organized and on task, gave our shark (see previous RR exhibits) a new home, and cheerfully moves Red Rover across town at 6am.

Elizabeth Gill   Treasurer

$$$ Elizabeth shows us the money, reigning supreme over AoA’s bottom line and books. $$$

Alice Orleman McLean   VP / Special Projects

Alice Orleman McLean has a BFA in sculpture and BA in Art History from Boston University, and a BFA in Industrial Design from California College of Arts & Crafts. She lived and worked in San Francisco as a product and floral designer before helping a friend establish her mosaic company, where they created large scale custom works of art. Alice relocated to Portland in late 2006 where she feels settled in this art-filled and inspiring city. When not scouring the NW for fabulous new artists to feature in Art on Alberta’s spunky mobile exhibitions trailer, she can be found working as a designer at Red Horseshoe Paper creating tongue-in-cheek greeting cards or (mostly) playing with her pup Harley and her fine boy Luke.

Peggy Pfenninger   Special Projects Volunteer

Peggy Pfenninger escapes the rigid constraints of her 9 to 5 existence as a graphic designer at Camera Graphics by painting, taking photographs, mentoring for the Oregon Youth Challenge Program, and volunteering for Art on Alberta. This fiery Italian is a regular bike commuter who loves karaoke and owns a home in the Concordia neighborhood. Peggy graduated with a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Lindsey Lux  Super Special Volunteer

Lindsey steps up to do what we need and what we say – with a smile on her face. Every time! She’s currently studying Psychology at PSU, and attends arts-related events all over town.


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