Alice McLean’s May Installation Debuts @ Alberta Street Earth Day Cleanup

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On Saturday, April 21st, Art on Alberta participated in the 2012 Alberta Street Earth Day Cleanup. Hosted by Alberta Main Street— an organization dedicated to developing Alberta Street as a vibrant, creative, & sustainable commercial district– this event brought together community members from the Alberta Arts District and beyond in an effort to beautify the neighborhood. To celebrate our accomplishments at the end of the day, Alberta Main Street presented the Golden Garbage Awards, lovingly made by AoA’s board members.

That picture's not sideways, folks! It's an award AND a hat hook!

RED ROVER’s May 2012 exhibit also made it’s debut, featuring an AMAZING installation by Alice McLean.

In the spirit of the Earth Day festivities, Alice constructed her installation entirely of reused materials. The result was gorgeous, graceful, and crafty as hell. For more photos, visit our Facebook page: Or, if you have to check it out in person (and who can blame you?) you can also find RED ROVER at NE 21st St. between Sumner & Emerson (just 1 block north of Alberta). RED ROVER will also be brought to several events throughout May, so keep your eyes peeled 😉


RED ROVER Kicks Off 2012 with Elly Baldwin’s “Self-Portraits, No. 1-105”

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That’s right, all! Kicking off the new year, Elly Baldwin will host RED ROVER’s first installation of 2012 with her series Self Portraits, No. 1 – 105. 

Eleanor Baldwin received her B.A. from Lewis & Clark College, where she was awarded the Barbara Bartholomew Scholarship at the recommendation of her department. Elly will be presenting a collection of self-portraits painted consecutively over a period of 125 days. By utilizing the mirror as a space for self-reflection, she used her works to meditate on the ever-shifting nature of identity and the ways in which we choose the aspects of ourselves to be seen by the world. In addition to revealing Elly’s daily self-interpretation, this series also explores the medium of painting itself by experimenting with the application of material, from acrylic and oil paint to coffee grounds and plastic bubble wrap.

The RED ROVER gallery may be seen on Thursday, December 29th, 2011 through January 19th, 2012 on Northeast 21st Avenue between Sumner and Emerson Streets.

RED ROVER makes an appearance for Live Wire! Radio Show

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On Friday, December 2, 2011, Art on Alberta and RED ROVER made a special appearance at the Live Wire! Radio show at the Alberta Rose Theater. 

This event was facilitated by our very own kickass board members, and featured top notch performers such as Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, Viva Voce, and Telekinesis. Live Wire is a weekly radio variety show recorded in front of a live audience in Portland, Oregon and airing in Oregon and on stations throughout the country. Featuring live music, illuminating conversations and original sketch comedy, Live Wire delivers old school variety with a modern twist.

For more information, check out our Events page.

Art on Alberta hosts DIY Tree @ Alberta Main Street’s Tannenbaum Madness!

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Join Art on Alberta and Alberta Main Street for the opening night festivities at Tannenbaum Madness!

Every year, families and art lovers are invited to celebrate the season with their favorite Alberta Street merchants. Northeast Alberta Street will again be alive and bustling with festive lights, gallery openings, and plenty of restaurants serving some of the best food in town. Tannenbaum Madness happens from 4:00 to 8:00 pm on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Art on Alberta will be collaborating with Alberta Main Street— a local organization dedicated to developing Alberta Street as a vibrant, creative, and sustainable commercial district serving residents and visitors to our community. We will be hosting a decorating table at Alberta Main Street’s office at 1722 Northeast Alberta Street, where ornament-making materials will be provided for kids and adults to decorate Alberta’s DIY (Decorate It Yourself) Tree on display in the front window of Alberta Main Street. There will be plenty of materials to create ornaments to take home, too! Special thanks to SCRAP for helping us provide materials for this event!

Our mobile art gallery, RED ROVER, will be festively transformed into an enormous ornament for the occasion. This trailer is used as an installation space, a gallery, a tool for art education, and a vehicle for bringing art to the community in an unconventional way. The gallery may be seen in front of Alberta Main Street on Friday, November 25, 2011 from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. Thereafter, it will be located on Northeast 19th Avenue between Going and Wygant Streets until December 28th.

For more information about Tannenbaum Madness, visit:

Kellee Beaudry and the “Gods of Frolic”: Red Rover’s November Exhibit

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The dog is the God of Frolic   — Henry Ward Beecher

Join Art on Alberta in viewing its mobile art gallery, Red Rover, during Last Thursday on Northeast Alberta Street on October 27, 2011. Each month the trailer presents artwork from local artists. This month’s featured artist, Kellee Beaudry, will showcase a three-dimensional installation in this unique space on public display through November.

Inspired by Henry Ward Beecher’s quote, “The dog is the god of frolic,” Kellee Beaudry will present a collection of works that capture the dynamism and unique personality of our animal companions. Beaudry paints alla prima, using a broken color technique that renders clean, high chroma color. Utilizing impressionistic and bold brushwork to evoke the liveliness, playfulness, and humor of her subjects, Beaudry’s work speaks to the connection we have with our animal companions.

The gallery may be seen on Thursday, October 27, 2011 from 5:00 to 9:00 pm at 2224 Northeast Alberta Street in front of Healthy Pets Northwest. Thereafter, the exhibit may be seen through November 23 on Northeast 19th Avenue between Going and Wygant Streets.

Furry friends welcome!


RED ROVER + Susannah Kelly + Neil M. Perry = Sept Last Thursday Installation Extraordinaire!

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Stilted Ambitions from our fave dynamic duo

About the artists:

Susannah Kelly and Neil M. Perry are an artistic duo currently practicing in Portland, Oregon. They have collaborated on murals, paintings, and now installations. This is the first 3D exhibit the pair has constructed and, although the process was not without difficulty, both artists feel they have learned a lot about their own skills and their working relationship. They hope we enjoy the installation. We know we will – and we’ll surely keep an eye out for their future collaborations around Stumptown.

About the installation:

Expectations about modern lifestyles are strongly ingrained but weakly supported. Even though we live in a world experiencing the repercussions of overwhelming debt and financial decay, notions of success have not shifted. What was once attainable is now beyond most people and the many are made to feel inadequate, due to the failings of the few. Owning a family home is the quintessential symbol of contemporary success, and we are made to want it, even if it is unsupportable. Living beyond one’s means has become the norm, and people struggle to support the tenuous systems they were made to believe were sustainable. Rather than return to building our lives on stronger foundations of a more realistic lifestyle we seem content to use taller, less sturdy stilts which are ever more likely to collapse.

RED ROVER’s next installation by Colleen Flanigan debuts at Last Thursday August 25th on Alberta Street

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Join Art on Alberta in viewing its mobile art gallery, RED ROVER, during Last Thursday on Northeast Alberta Street this Thursday, August 25, 2011. Each month the trailer presents artwork from local artists. This month’s featured artist, Colleen Flanigan, will showcase an installation simulating a Biorock® reef ecosystem in the unique space on public display through September.

    • WHO: Colleen Flanigan
    • WHAT: Living Sea Sculpture: Contemporary Art as Coral Refuge
    • WHEN: Last Thursday
      August 25, 2011, 5pm to 9pm
    • WHERE: Art on Alberta’s RED ROVER, a mobile art gallery
      “Art Square” sponsored by Radio Room
    • 1130 Northeast Alberta Street (across the street from Radio Room) Portland, OR 97211

With the help of artists from Gossamer Fiber Arts, Ms. Flanigan crocheted corals and felted fish to create art as ecology. Also on exhibit is a 1:12” scale model of the Living Sea Sculpture built for the Museo Subacautico de Arte in Cancun. This installation in the RED ROVER roving gallery space may be viewed during Last Thursday (5:00 pm to 9:00 pm) at 1130 Northeast Alberta Street.

On September 20th RED ROVER will make its way to the Mission Theater & Pub at 1624 NW Glisan Street for OMSI’s Science Pub where Colleen will present Living Sea Sculpture: Contemporary Art as Coral Refuge. Thereafter, the exhibit may be seen through September 26 on Northeast 19th Avenue between Going and Wygant Streets.

Artist Statement

How can art play a central role in solving our ecological problems? By moving the paradigm from “art about ecology” to “art as ecology,” and giving voice and form to science and solutions.  With Biorock® mineral accretion, scientific inquiry and engineering meet with emotion, compassion, and composition to provide coral life support, shore protection, and marine habitat.  Years of jewelry and mixed-media sculpture making, plus a exploration with electroforming and gardening, led Flanigan to discover this creative niche.  In this installation, Flanigan simulates a Biorock® reef ecosystem.  The crocheted corals and felted fish are by artists and crafters through Gossamer Fiber Arts.  Also in the exhibit is Flanigan’s 1:12″ scale model of the Living Sea Sculpture built for the Museo Subacautico de Arte (MUSA) in Cancun.  You can see a video of her process and work here.

Colleen Flanigan

Visual, performing, and environmental artist

Currently living in Portland, Oregon, and raised along the Monterey Peninsula in California, Colleen Flanigan has been listening to the ocean tide for much of her life.  Her background is in design, jewelry, steel sculptures, conceptual and interactive mixed media, and ball-and-socket armatures for stop-motion animation (including for the LAIKA feature movie, “Coraline.”) Through her socio-ecological alter egos, Miss Snail Pail and Amphitrite, Flanigan has joined the voices defending our natural resources as an interventionist artist. The documentary, “On the Trail with Miss Snail Pail” has been screened at four environmental film festivals since 2009. As Amphitrite, goddess of the sea, Flanigan leads coral restoration re-enactments. Working with an international team in Cancun this summer, she built a steel sculpture inspired by DNA for the underwater Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA). Colleen is in the first class of TED Senior Fellows.

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